The tabernacles


voute flassans

Le Puy en Velay is a town of art, a religious town. Comby will spend his first twenty years in this atmosphere marked with traditions, so ancient that they seem to be pagan.

We will therefore not be surprised if he examines wih a sharp and imaginationful look, his so peculiar environnement.

The copper and brass tabernacles, with their gold colour, magnify and give a sacred dimension to the insertion of utility objects. The mechanical pieces included in new, hammered, braze sheet metal, get a new identity, that associates them with some barbarian cult.

The tabernacles are very present in the copper and brass works but , also in the collages where the assembling of fragments of cut out magazines photographies completely modifies their identification.

On the right side one of the rare wooden tabernacles, an ironical figure, which unites both the emergency boundary and the eternity of death.
tabernacle rouge
 tabernacle duralinox
petit tabernacle

The instant of total climax for the art work, is the one of creation, as one produces it.

Afterwards, it's a long run of problems having little to do with creation.
museede lyon

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