The duralinox sculptures


Industrial  beauty, Jannitzer's drawings, a goldsmith in 1568, my training courses at Renault corporation and at Dupont-Tissot in Faverges, gave me a helping hand to test the creative potential of the machine-tools.

In 1970 the computer assisted conception method was in preparation. (C.A.O.)

The creation of these pieces starts with a thousand sketches, very realistic doodles, to get a picture of the anticipated work. Then come, very rigorous plans of each part to be assembled and, final plan : face, back, profile

The use of A.G.5 (aluminium used to make pans) and of machine-tools : three dimensions reproducing drills, boring machines, tappers, polishing machines, is something new for me. The intense polishing of certain pieces makes them as precious as jewels.
 têtes duralinox
The variety of themes is not different from the one of other materials : Monstrances or tabernacles about the interior mechanical fairy , sliding doors or, stability for Thanatos on a pyramid.
Again, the theme of barbarian heads with a phallus between their teeths, characters with three eyes or half- spheres enshrining the idol on a base.
duralinox etude de tete

premier duralinox

The use of "lamellate stuck" woods (beech, birch and black glue) turned and drilled, allowed unexpected shimmering effects and very tall works.

Quite an adventure

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