The terracottas


  Three companions of the first Gulf war

trois terres cuites
In 1962 first, watercolours drawings, sorts of trunks, with furrowed, lined, crackled mineralogical insides. Others, more organical ones, let unexpected dismembered or maginified shapes fall out. A long series was born, parallel to big plasters full of traps for light and shade.

The terracottas derived from this abundant accumulation  and lingering visions from our tendernesses and cruelties.

After long years of work on resistant materials : copper, stone, aluminium, glued lamellated wood, bronze, I was won over by clay, so poor, so simplistic.
Thus, some modern pietas were born, as well as odly present couples, either mythical or realistic.
femme enceinte


couple en terre

homme à obus

homm à obus
The first terracottas were born during the Gulf war. The television pictures showing individuals and solidiers wearing their gas masks, breed a series of masked, girdled beeings, ready for fight, trying to protect themselves against the pollution caused by the oil wells on fire.

Terres aux masque à gaz

piétà moderne


soldat de 14

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