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 Lucid thoughts of a sculptor in 1995

The works are spaced over 30 years : looks on the world as it goes and worried statements on current humanity

I'm perfectly well aware of the joy of living in the "bacchanalias" by Matisse, in the cafes on the banks of the Marne river and the bathers painted by Renoir, in the magnificient "nympheas" by Monnet or the "iris" and "sunflowers" by Van Gogh. Happiness is present in them.


portait avec femme

I savour the visions of beauty in art : the nymphs of Boticelli's spring or Cranach's, Ingres' lascivious odalisques, Rodin's "ardent lovers" Mayol's Venus. 
After the brief evocation of the filiations, I come to my matter : explain my work....

Born in 1928, my life was nourrished with accounts about war, charnels, death camps, genocides, tortures, blind terrorism. I should now state the omnipresent danger of radiations with the wild stock of atomic bombs, of missiles silos, of extremely  sophisticated armament.

dieu de la guerre

l'atelier There is no end to the amputees adjusting their prothesis and, though, we keep on producing perverse mines. "They create a desert and they say it's peace", Tite Live wrote twenty centuries ago.

These previous statements have fed my work.

 My very long days in the studio prepared for the plaster sculptures, melted in bronze afterwards and centred on two themes : the heads and the boats.
These vessels convey happiness through the dancing of fauns, the women's figureheads, the couples sailing to their destiny  with solid mooring anchors. They are vessels too, the ghosts of our madnesses with hyenas and jackals surmounting the  stores or the decks barded with war machines.
vue atelier
In the heads, image of Man and Woman, I combined as much, hapiness as anxiety, the scream and the garrottes, with the roman marbles and bronzes as references.

 At last, staggered on several years, the big plasters try to be the reflections and portraits of our golden calves.

If the greek mythologies feed these metaphors,reading Guy Richard's "inhuman history" has rooted in the present very hard realities. Distorsion of these myths are voluntary, the additions of prothesis or the evocation of bruised bodies remind of Grunewald in his Issenheim altarpiece in Colmar.
Comby dans l'atelier

Goddess Athena is really the reflection of our ambiguities : An image of the armed peace, a war goddess escorted by her defenders : snake, bird of prey and Cerberus but, also, a protector of the city, a symbol,in the age of Pericles, of the influence of sense and mind.
As regards the big monument to God Ares, it tries to be the mirror of our destructive madness. He was the god of fights, in love with Venus. The nymphs are nothing but the reflection of his recklessness. He is flanked by chamydosaurus, birds of prey, owls and by the glyptodon of the quaternary.. Ares

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