The rough books


etude 5
etude 6

The rough books prepare the formating of the brass works. They are receptors of construction notes, reinforcements, sheet metal thickness and then become real fantasizings for unachievable sculptures.

 étude 3

etude 4k

Just like safety valves for machines under pressure, or variations, scales on a specific theme.
etude 7

etude 8
As early as 1981, Comby's drawings are getting more precise, the sculptures are sketched as they might be created. Drawings interpreting photographies from art books join in.
The exercice books already prefigure the idea of bigger formats, of more achieved drawings. Comby will use account books. He will say his fears of drawing on beautiful paper demanding an increased attention for the presentation, whereas, the subject itself matters to him.
main étude 2

In handling of line as well as in sculpture, Comby wants to remain a witness of his time. A time where cruelty, suffering, despair are parts of everyday life. He would like the peoples to remember, and keep the memory to breed a better world. 
plage 3
plage 1plage plage 2

Comby is not a desperate man and his friends know it well. He enjoys joy, beauty, their presence. If he says little about himself, he knows how to handle humour ande his critical eye really enjoys observing and sketching his circle when he feels carefree and happy.


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