The heads



In the heads, an image of man and woman, I combined  hapiness as well as anxiety, the scream and the garrotte, with the roman marbles and bronzes for reference.

comby Cerbere

The heads theme comes down through all Comby's carreer. The heads exist in all materials and in many drawings. They express how Comby looks at the world, his temptation to exorcize the dread of death.
Comby Tête en lamellé
56 1234

In the brass works, the death head is hidden, magnified and enshrined in tabernacles. The duralinox sculptures open, idols, true mechanical fairies or death heads on a pyramid, as cold as metal.

The youth resurgence appears in the bas relief heads, in carved wood, with an addition of sharp instruments from the paternal delicatessen.

The discovery of the Dieulefit stone permits, between 1978 and 1981 to renew with the direct cutting, practised 25 years before in the works for public orders. These heads bear a brutality of expression  with sex and death indissolobly united. They stir ancestral memories, meet popular echoes and disturb our own image.

tête bois et formicacomby_19_juin_1974


The "departed lovers" and a 22 centimers high small bronze "Death with an hourglass", I saw in Strasbourg have haunted me for years, before the creation of bronzes giving birth to worried heads, gagged, wrinkled, with iron collars, sticking out their tongues on graves, with coffins springing up from basalt or amethyst, sometimes with a phallus brandished on the parietal bone.That was after I enjoyed the discovery, in Borgia museum, of a small, seven cms bronze, from the 1st century after Christ, representing a strongly caricatured head with, on its forehead, the phallic symbol raising.

The kinship of thought throughout the millenniums delights me. What a bracing company in the secret of the studio!

Then came the tin plate heads, with the same creative themes as in bronzes : barbarian heads, women's heads with abundant hair .

Tin plate, contrary to bronze i a supple material, that can be worked like brass.

At the beginning, large malleable metal sheets, cut with scisors, pressed, hammered, pierced, twisted; they are assembled and tin brazed with a small jeweller's blowlamp.

tete bronze au carcan

tete bronze rideetête au sexe
tete femme 1 tete femme 2
tete fer blanc 2

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