The etchings


grande gravure 1

 Comby shows great interest in the company of Jean Michel Reboul - an etching teacher at the fine arts of Toulon - and will tackle, from 1992 to 1996, the technique of dry-point. He will engrave copper, brass and zinc.

At this time, Comby developes the themes of the terracottas : the pietas, the helmeted warrior, the last kiss, the braced man, the "smashed up" woman, the old man and the pregnant dead woman. Comby also tackles the men of evil : the man with a bludgeon, the birds choker monster...
Some fifteen etchings are created together with a dozen of small barbarian heads.
grandee gravure 2

gravure 4

gravure 6

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Le monstre étouffeur d'oiseaux

grande gravure 4
grande gravure 3