From 1985, Comby will start the day with a sketch, with a new page in his sketch books.
 Pen drawn, the account books, wisely numbered, will collect, not only a pandemonium of
 faces and bodies but, also, a series of reflections about the events that perturb the planet.
 They are a reservoir of the emergency of creation, some kind of divervion of the artist's imagination overflow.

The eight sketch books

The world as it goes


les huit carnets
Eight volumes on cross-ruled exercice books :
stitched account books, four or five hundred pages each.

The sketches are drawn on both sides, 21/27 format with days and months shown at the bottom. Started in 1985, the eighth volume is not finished.

Notes about the sketches of a barbarian cannibal

tome_1_page_11       tome_1_gros_plan "
They are black ink drawings, with an ordinary pen, with no special will at the beginning, since volume one starts with colour gouache sketches followed by studies on my father.

A portrait, details of a pork butcher who wrote his memoirs on 14-18 at the age of 84 on a scrap book.
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drawing from

an album

by Haeckel

Then comes current events through the press images, from the works on soldiers with facial injuries to Haeckel's, Wentzel's, Jannitzer's albums. There are also the fallas of Valencia, the mummies of Palermo, natural history studies, anatomy books, the 14-18 an 39-45 wars magazines and the madness of men.
tome_4_3tome_5_1 tome_4_gros_plan
But also fashion magazines, the world of work, women and the archetypal female, the nuclear power, the extreme works, so called porn, as well as those about religious art or the past and recent master pieces - Eros and Thanatos together.
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