The carts


1994 - 2002

série 2


Bronze is a challenge to Chronos, God of time, a survival beyond the Styx banks, for centuries.

The first one is a head "Hasta la Muerte" to which a steel coffin was added :
The initial model is a plaster sculpture and elastomer mould which allows the pouring of the melting bronze, and the finishing operations among which, at last, the hot patina with acids.

femme à l'oiseau
personnage 2

Bronze with a patina, sole copies. Unlike heads and boats, models of which are in plaster, the carts are modelled in wax, simplifying the foundry operations. The wax burns as the melting bronze is running. There can only be a sole copy.
char bleu
char 4
char 2 3
serie 2

The subject is not agressive any more, representing peace angels, couples carried away towards their destiny, running away from an unbalanced world.
char 2 char 2 1

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