The brass sculptures


1963 - 1969

In Conques, the treasure of the Abbey, with its St Foy, a fantastic bust of brass and amethysts, was the trigger.

Sainte foy Conques
fleur en laitonPetits cuivres
In seven years, one hundred and fifty sculptures were created : opening binnacles, padlocked, claws and grates clad, monstrance to life or death, big altar with a skull of a native of Auvergne or for magnified death, idols and adornments for oracles priestesses, golden robots.
Sort of barbarous worship, that glorifies what is insignificant, enshrines what is derisory, where death is triumphant and sex exalted.  comby tabernacle
I don't mind if some pieces appear as objects from an interstellar civilisation.
grand laiton

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