The boats 


1985 - 1997

The embarkation to Cythere or the Styx banks find expression in bronzes with patina : the ferryman, the dog Cerbere, the dove and the missiles, the man with an iguana. But also the ship with women at the prow, their hair in the wind.
barque 2
barque au faune barque couple et sphere
The tragic events in the world accompany Comby in his boats. In the holds, all kinds of blunt devices are side by side with half-starved animals or carrion-eaters.

The Styx crossing, a faun, a door of sun, some remnants of our western cultural lootings allow me to hold the bar of these home portless vessels.

Alas what a wreck!  
barque homme vague
serie 2
barque femme et feuille
barque oiseau obus barque bete obus

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