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On the pages of a multitude of notebooks as well as in the city, Comby's untiring work created an amazing universe of materials and shapes.

Tin, bronze, wood, clay or plaster : Comby appropriates materials and techniques sometimes as complex as machine-tools.

The world is present in his work, sometimes through its beauty, sometimes through its violence. Comby does not try to please, he searches for his own truth.
And it's a hard truth to live, hard to say.
fer blanc sur socle
dessin encre A feebleness of lungs makes his breathing difficult. Marcel Proust writes asmathic sentences that exhaust the reader's breath, Comby fills up the space with profuse sculptures, complex and bulky, often run by pipings.

Whether he paints or draws, he pushes, he comes up against the edges of the painting or the notebook. Comby chokes in a world, he is looking for the solution of, as well as the exit.

So, he creates carapaces, bristled tabernaccles and one does't know if they are on the defensive or if they are ready to attack.
 comby Barcares
The war was a fight of mechanized strengths more than a confrontation of heroes. In the fifties, history had changed her face.

The quiet slaughter of the animals ending up in the delicious products in the shop window of the "Parisienne delicatessen" becomes for Comby, a key to explain our time. The absolute denial of the body sufferings of certain beeings is the necessary material for a relative hapiness.

In the fifties, the first atomic bombs appear, so does television. The world becomes an expansion field, a universe of often attractive techniques which play at multipliing our senses.
Of Auvergne and suspicious Comby is not hostile to this evolution. But to be enthousiastic.....?

With new materials, such as aluminium derived from aviation and the developement of machine tools a set of technical possibilities open up for the artist. Besides stone and clay, Comby becomes a fitter, a solderer, a metal turner...

Comby's work expresses the shock of techniques; new harmony hopes carrying new nightmares with them.

The duralinow period : - a new material, little known by artists - derives from this confrontation between the sculptor's baroque and violent imagination and the smooth and perfect technique of mechanical objects.

tête pierre
Though attractive, techniques may overwhelm us with their indifference; human qualities or faults are multiplied without any discrimination or brake.

The heads are the way of expressing anguish. Through them, Comby will give a physical shape to his terror for indifferent strength.

Stone, brass or wood heads : what really matters is that they scream. Screams of suffering, protestation too. Faraway echo - but indelible to him - of the slaughtered animals in the back yard of the delicatessen.

barqueAt the end of his life, Comby is going to gather in the creation of boats and hearses,  both the theme of heads and war together with the poetry of travel.

The preliminary studies of the monument for the National Navy in Toulon may have influenced this creation period? Comby makes boats of adventure , funeral boats,  boats  of conquerors bristling with spikes.
octobre 2004
And come the eight volumes of notebooks..

The world as it goes, a series of numbered registers is for Comby, an opportunity to draw, to note - one could say to count - the impressions that wars and other absurdities cause in him.

Alain Le Boucher 2006

I would like, for all of us, long peaceful years, for fruitful projects, happy days, so that we can enjoy the scents of morning glories and the perfume of women.

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